The Northeastern Cygnus Loop

Supernova Remnant

This image of the northeastern region of the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant shows a combination of optical and X-ray data. Red indicates filaments emitting in the light of hydrogen, green shows regions emitting in the light of twice-ionized oxygen, and the diffuse blue glow shows X-ray emission. Various combinations of these produce other colors. For instance, green filaments with surrounding X-ray (blue) emissions produce a turquoise result. Background stars, which do not emit in X-rays, look yellow (green + red). The white region at lower right is very bright in all three colors.

(PHOTO from J. Hester, J. Raymond, and W. Blair, 1994, Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 420, pg. 721.)

A further investigation of the region near the center of the above image has been done using the Hubble Space Telescope. You can view the images and find more information HERE.

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