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This page has been translated into French by Vicky Rotarova (September 2014).

FAQs about Global Warming Topics

In this section, I will post (as time permits) short articles describing topics that come up often in my public talks on global warming and climate change. Often I can only give brief answers in those settings, but here I can provide more details. Here is the first of these short articles:

Links to supporting information:

In this section, I will post outside links to relevant reference information. Here is the first of these:

Global Warming Basics: A presentation for Non-specialists on Speaking to the Public About Global Warming and Climate Change

Over the last year or so, I have developed several public-level talks on the topics of Global Warming and Climate Change. The version linked below was presented to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA) meeting held in Baltimore, MD, in late February 2008. After a few introductory slides about the need to communicate with the general public, this walks through a version of my public talk, titled "Global Warming: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." The links below provide access to a PDF and powerpoint (PPT) version of this presentation. If you use these materials, please provide proper credit for their source.

Presbytery of Baltimore's Creation Care Group

Bill has joined the CCG, a sub-committee of the Presbytery of Baltimore's Peace and Justice committee. The CCG tries to spread the word regarding the need to care for creation by helping local Baltimore Presbyterian congregations embrace the issues and investigate how they can become more involved and make a difference. The CCG supports a nice web page HERE.

The CCG coordinated a special workshop at the Nov. 20, 2008, meeting of the Presbytery of Baltimore. Bill presented a talk, Creation Cries Out: Is Anybody Listening? This link connects to an annotated html slide show version of this talk, which is also posted on the CCG Resources page.

How Much is a Billion?

At the heart of sustainability issues is the increasing world population. But the numbers involved are mind-boggling, because people really can't fathom what a "billion" of anything is like, let alone three billion more people by mid-century!

Here is a little presentation I put together in an attempt to make the concept of a "billion" people understandable (at some level!). It ends with a twist to put the expected increase in world population into context. Hope you like it! Available in Powerpoint (<1 Mb) or PDF (<18 Mb) formats.

JHU Global Warming Lunchtime Discussion Forum Talks, Spring 2008

In the spring of 2008, I coordinated with the JHU Sustainability Initiative to host several discussion forum meetings for the wider JHU community. Here are two topical presentations (in PDF format) used for that series:

Each presentation was followed by an open discussion with those present.

(I will add more here as time permits.)

If you find these materials helpful, or if you have suggestions for improvements, I would enjoy hearing from you! (No promises, however. I have to do this in my spare time, of which there is essentially none!)

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